An Update On Buffalo Nickel COVID-19 Response

An Update on Buffalo Nickel COVID-19 Response from Founders, Ryan Red Corn & Joe Brown Thunder

Thank you so much everyone for the check-ins. We are the luckiest company in the world to have clients, friends and family like you. The health and safety of our employees and our customers remains our top priority. We are following all recommendations from federal and state officials. We have also implemented guidelines recommended by the CDC.

In this time of crisis, Buffalo Nickel continues to be in a strong position to deliver reliable, timely, support to our clients. As a small business, here are a few things we implemented:

  • We placed our Oklahoma employees on mandatory work from home nearly two weeks ago. We acted early so that we could give our employees the best chance to protect themselves and their families. Thus far, we have been able to keep a healthy workforce and we are pleased with the smooth execution of our remote team. Keeping deadlines and maintaining high expectations on project work is also our priority. Please bear with us as we may experience some hiccups during this time but we will work quickly to resolve them.
  • Our film production has halted due to national travel restrictions. We will resume the projects as soon as we are able to travel. In the meantime, we will continue to develop ideas and work digitally on these projects.
  • Our Marketing, Design & Development teams are fully functioning. We are working closely with current projects and scheduling new ones.

These are trying times. We’re focused on doing the right thing and doing it as best as we can. We continue to keep you, our communities, and our employees at the forefront of our decision making. And, we continue to work as though your business depends on us. Please contact us if you have any additional questions or needs.

Stay healthy. Stay Safe.

Joe Brown Thunder & Ryan Red Corn



Joseph Brown Thunder
Co-founder, Chief Executive
952.388.7210 l
[email protected]
Ryan Redcorn
Co-founder, Chief Creative
918.873.0416 l
[email protected]

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