CASE STUDY 3: Muscogee Creek Nation Health


BNC created informative and engaging content to support the Muscogee Creek
Nation Department of Health’s goal in readily offering and advertising their
behavioral health and substance abuse services.


The Muscogee Creek Nation Department of Health wanted a selection of videos
that highlighted their treatment options for behavioral health and substance
abuse issues in tandem with the SBIRT workflow between the provider, clinician
and Care Coordinator. In addition, MCN also requested PSA’s that focused on
real-person testimonies.

Evaluation of the case

When it comes to behavioral health and substance abuse, there is no one-sizefits-
all solution that can be applicable to a person who is dealing with mental
illness or the misuse of alcohol and drugs. However, support and understanding
are vital in the recovery and rehabilitation process. The approach we went for in
the videos was educational yet personal.


With the guidance and framework from MCN, BNC adapted scripts that
showcased the SBIRT workflow between the provider, clinician, and Care
Coordinator, and SBIRT Clinician or Care Coordinator meeting the patient, who
has been referred to SBIRT by his/her Provider to go over treatment options
with a focus on mental health and alcohol misuse.

These scripts were then used to create an animated video that drew from the
real-life Muscogee Nation Okemah Indian Health Center. BNC also supplied
four PSA’s that featured testimonies from individuals who have experienced
addiction and recovery. In these videos, people shared: the effects of alcohol
abuse, rehab experiences, tools for recovery, coping skills, and more.

In addition to the animated video and the PSA’s, BNC also provided the
Muscogee Creek Nation Health Department with a new logo for their behavioral
health and substance abuse services.


BNC’s recommendation was to showcase not only the individuals who offered testimonies within the PSA’s but the healthcare professionals and
care teams at the MCN health clinics. The goal was to offer a more personal perspective of the treatment plans and insight into the workflow and
the roles the providers, clinicians, and care coordinators play. Moreover, BNC believed it to be essential that we highlight individuals who have
overcome their addictions and have achieved recovery. Their own personal testimonies are the strongest evidence in the effectiveness of
treatment and rehabilitation through the behavioral health and substance abuse services offered by the Muscogee Creek Nation.