Jay’s story began at 11:16pm at the Indian Health Service hospital in Lawton Oklahoma. His knack for adventure and self development came at the age of five when he stuck his head in between a hand rail and realized his fear of heights while looking down a two story apartment building. He continued to make progress though, eventually hitting a personal milestone and finding balance on his first bike with no training wheels. 

Mr. Kaulay’s enjoyment for the fine arts started in his adolescence after he was placed in ten weeks worth of music class instead of the usual hybrid schedule with the art class next door. It was in this moment he wanted to be an artist and spent the next decade taking art classes until eventually graduating with his BFA at Cameron University in 2012. During his time away from the canvas he focused his skills on digital software platforms and even stepped outside of his box to learn how to measure streams from watersheds in various regions of the Southwest region of the United States. 

In his spare time you will find him playing guitar, painting, writing, running half marathons, and working on his tennis serve.