Who are we?

BUFFALO NICKEL CREATIVE IS AN OKLAHOMA / LOS ANGELES-BASED MEDIA PRODUCTION COMPANY producing artistic, high-production-value content for commercial brands and non-profit organizations. We specialize in bringing a high-end, cinematic approach to content within an extremely efficient cost and timing workflow, allowing brands and organizations to deliver more quality video content through the growing multi-platform digital and social media channels. We employ the latest in digital filmmaking technology and software enabling fewer people to do more with less.


Buffalo Nickel Creative’s approach to each project is very strategic as well as detailed. Offering a broad variety of services to your projects. We are storytellers, comedians, designers, & artists.


We are a great source for up to date media content. We work with numerous clients creating anything from business cards to documentaries. Bringing our own strategic creativity to each project is what separates us from the rest.


Our film crew is one of a kind. Full of great ideas, humor, & talent. Services also include after effects, & animations. We have plenty of diversity when it comes to film.